JIYU Stone ACP panel Wholesaler can be constructed with polar wrap, honeycomb panel, wall panels, column covers and various other custom designs. Despite the diversity of aluminum, it allows for the use of various external elements, it can also be used in buildings such as cornices, lining and other ornamental lining. It is obviously non-corrosive, however, aluminum easily absorbs coatings in a strongly corrosive environment. Due to its ability to save and store various finishes, aluminum retain colors and does not deteriorate like other metals. JIYU Stone ACP panel Wholesaler is often the preferred choice of metal architect for a variety of decorative items.

 Stone/Marble ACP

JIYU Stone ACP panel Wholesaler is often used in an environmentally friendly or green building. The properties of aluminum allow it to be molded in innumerable forms, giving it the choice of material for architectural metal. Its recycling allows it to be cost effective and visually appealing metal for business building as well as other commercial real estate. Currently, 85% of aluminum sheet used in metal production and recycle building materials; And that number will certainly increase in the coming years.

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